The spiritual journey is individual, highly personal. It can’t be organized or regulated. It isn’t true that everyone should follow one path. Listen to your own truth. -Ram Dass

The soul’s spiritual quest is to cut through the noise of distraction, illusion, and suffering to find the inner core of peace and eternity, where time and angst cease. Past arguments, conditioned responses, victim narratives, lies a tranquil pool of immortality. Past viewpoints and impressions, past politics and religion, past hatred, and division. Past high-minded debates, simplicity beckons an oasis.

I was reminded the pathway through our mistaken identity isn’t an easy road to travel. Of course, it’s not! If it were, everyone would pack a bag and get past it as quickly and easily as possible, just to arrive at the other shore. Yet so thick is the delusion and so conditioned the response to the world of Maya or illusion, the further shore appears a fantastical mirage. 

In lieu of the Hero’s Journey, people grasp at straws along the way. Maybe this is it? Maybe the latest and greatest guru can dispel the inner darkness, or yet another relationship or lover or friend. Maybe another quest in the sea of endless entertainment and distractions, another trip around the globe. Searching, ever searching for any answer other than the entry way to the path which must be tread alone.

Many people talk as though a season or maybe more of obscurity and self-reflection is akin to torture. I recently read an account of a woman at a seminar who described her five minutes in group meditation as one of the most horrifying experiences of her life – sitting quietly with her attention directed inward toward herself. It is this people resist when they eschew a spiritual path.

Man’s direction is either directed outward or inward. Look at any person’s timeline and it is possible to see where he is on his journey. Has he packed his bag or is he still railing against the world and everyone else in it? Once he has committed to his own path, his chatter ceases. He has traded examining others in favor of examining himself and unraveling the mysteries through discovering his own.

It’s your journey alone. No one else is to blame. Every man in search of himself and the truth must take it. No one can save you from it or walk it for you. Are you yet brave enough to take on yourself, or are you still at the place of cowardice which must criticize another, or look to others, endless activity, and continual arguments to keep and save you from yourself?

The spiritual journey is where man reconciles life to himself, where he answers the pressing questions that take him past his own experience of misery and suffering. It is the path upon he discovers inner peace. As long as he avoids it, he keeps the door locked to himself and his freedom. He lives within his own prison when liberation awaits beyond the barred door.