When tragedy strikes, it is imperative to learn how to hold sacred space for yourself. Our culture likes to impose a ‘pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstrap’ mentality, and I agree with it in some ways but not all. Despite trying our best, sometimes the odds are against us.  Other times it isn’t in the cards for us. In the case of having been leveled by unspeakable misfortune, it is tone deafness of the heart for yourself or any other to impose any expectations other than that of sacred silence.

Some of us have been struck down by loss so great, such as the untimely loss of a loved one, or equally devastating occurrence, to have been plunged into an abyss of suffering and mourning. Other times, we have been impacted by less severe, but nevertheless traumatic events, such as serious illness or troubles of loved ones. Our humanity presents potential for intense hardship, and no one is immune. In all of our suffering, great or small, we need and deserve sacred space.

Allow space to grieve, while nurturing wellness. When you care for yourself most tenderly, do so mindfully, and enlist helpers capable of honoring your journey from darkness back to the light. Give yourself permission to recover in your own time and in your own healthy way, reaching out for support and guidance as needed. When someone has traveled the same or similar road, they often have a map and are able to serve as a guide.

Those of us who have experienced such a loss or who have been to the deepest place of sorrow have a space of loss inside of us that emerges from time to time. When it arrives in consciousness as it will, bow to it in reverence, and allow the nurturing it requires once again. This space becomes a reservoir of empathy for others, in time. It births a fount of increased compassion when its work within you reaches fruition. Hold your sacred space.

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